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About Cameron

Cameron Clark is a highly experienced Master Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer, and Level 2 Precision Nutrition coach with over 19 years and 28,000 hours of experience in fitness coaching. He has been serving the Stanford community since 2004 when he began working for the Health Improvement Program and Stanford Athletics. In 2009, he spearheaded an on-site fitness program for Stanford University's Faculty Staff Housing and has helped countless residents up-level their fitness.

Now, he offers fitness services at several apartment communities for management companies looking to help with resident retention, attraction, and to achieve better usage of the on-site fitness facilities.

Additionally, he offers in-person and remote coaching to international clients of all backgrounds, fitness levels, and training outcome objectives.


Cameron believes that exercise programming should be simple, and that knowledge or access to equipment shouldn’t be a barrier to achieving one’s fitness goals.



In addition to being an exercise fanatic, Cameron is a vintage British car enthusiast and a father.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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